A friend of mine posted a comment on my Facebook about how she has seen both success and failure in all the different educational methods. She made some really good points. I will say that I have seen much more success than the failure many might expect from home-schoolers and unschoolers. In the past 20+ years I have met maybe 3 families out of the probably thousands total who were raising their kids to be (at least in the minds of some) scared of their shadow, or at the very least ill-prepared for life in “the real world”.

In contrast, I would have to say that in my experience the majority of kids I’ve known who were in government schools were dull, lifeless, bored, unfulfilled, even destructive, or were at best unenthusiastic about the whole concept of “learning”. Then again, in my recent experience with private school, I have found an overwhelming majority of the students there who would fit that same description, and it broke my heart. My involvement there reinforced that for US, home is the best possible base for living and learning.

I try really hard to keep things focused on what we believe is best for us as a family and not paint with a broad brush, but it has been my personal experience that I just haven’t met too many families in government schools who were delighted with their experience. I’m always glad to hear from people who are having a good educational experience, whatever their chosen method.


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