I obviously haven’t updated since the beginning of the summer, and there have been changes. Crazy, I know, but yes, there have been changes.

The museum hit hiring caps and couldn’t hire Matt or Rosie over the summer. Matt in particular hung on hoping at some point he would be hired so he could start saving for his car. They both went in for very successful interviews and were basically just waiting for the official “go” call, but sadly due to budget constraints, the call didn’t come. We enjoyed our extra time together over the summer, though, and we did go to Busch Gardens pretty often. Rosie was busy with friends all summer, and we had many epic sleepovers here. Matt spent several chunks of time at Jeff’s with his brothers gaming and just hanging out somewhere other than home where all the squealing teen dancer girls were flocking.

Matt is finishing up high school this year and is still researching career paths. He seems frustrated with the process since he is still uncertain of the direction he wants to go, but he’s hanging in there. Rosie has talked about applying this spring for a program at a local vocational school where she could work toward a certification in Early Childhood Education. The program would run afternoons through her junior and senior years of high school while still homeschooling for academics in the mornings. That would of course require us to stay in this area for two more full years after this one, so we’ll see if by spring she is still wanting to head in that direction.

Homeschooling is going very well for both Rosie and Matt, other than the fact that they both barely tolerate math. I guess it goes without saying that neither of them shares their eldest brother’s love for the subject.

I am tutoring two 4th-grade students from the dance studio (one two days a week and the other three). I stay busy keeping up with all four students, but I’m enjoying it a lot. Fridays are our fun day each week, so I’m looking forward to the laid-back ease of school tomorrow.

Rosie has some interesting things going on in her life right now that I won’t detail quite yet. She is handling it all rather well, though, I’m happy to report. I can’t say I’m surprised by that, though. I just love our kids. 🙂


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