I love roller coasters. The climbs, the falls, the twists and turns…the thrill, the anticipation, even the scary parts. Everything comes together to create three or four minutes of fun. I think the older I get, the more like a roller coaster life seems. It reminds me of the scene in the movie “Parenthood” where Steve Martin’s character realizes that life being a roller coaster isn’t necessarily such a bad thing. Everything comes together to make life what it is, and our outlook on the whole thing decides whether it’s a fright show or an adventure movie.

Our family educational adventure could be viewed as a microcosm of life in many ways. Actually, after having homeschooled my children for 22 years, it has been much of my life. To be honest, I can’t even imagine what life will be like in three years when I have no more children left at home to teach. At that point, I will have homeschooled for exactly half my life.

We heard last week that there is still a good chance Matt will soon be hired at the museum. We picked up his khakis over the weekend, and he is eager to get started.

It is looking more and more like we will be moving back to the Brandon area this summer. It’s no easy task trying to word how bittersweet that will be. The dance studio up here has been nothing short of a miracle in Rosie’s life. In all our lives. The Sells and all of the amazing girls she dances with have breathed new life and passion for dance into her that I wasn’t sure would ever be possible. Her work ethic has responded to their instruction and encouragement, pushing her years forward in ability and love for the dance arts. We won’t ever forget that, and we won’t ever allow time or distance to steal the friendships she has forged here. We will always make time for her to continue those relationships.

Whether or not Rosie decides to dual enroll at the community college or simply pursue direct career training as a nanny, I know God will open the right doors for her. We are looking into a particular dance studio in Brandon, and I trust He will show us if it is right for her. She and I were talking about it all last night, and she said something I consider rather profound. She said she doesn’t think she would be the person she is today if not for the adversity she has faced during the more negative parts of what we have come to call our pilgrimage time over the past few years. She is right. None of us would be.

So we continue to grow and adapt and look for God’s hand in every situation, in every moment. He never lets us down.


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