I feel almost gripped by a heavy sadness today. I wonder if this is characteristic of menopause, or if it’s just situations in my life right now. I’m taking EPO, but I will probably start taking it more regularly. I don’t like this feeling. I know there are other reasons for it, though, some of which I don’t feel like I can openly share in a public forum.

The good news:
Being back on the Thin Within program is going really well. It’s Day 23 today. The book goes through 30 days, but the lifestyle doesn’t end. I’m feeling really good about it, though, and I’m seeing tangible positive changes in my health and state of mind.

We said goodbye to T-Mobile yesterday. THANK YOU, GOD. We’re back with Verizon, and LOVE IT. Steve, Rosie, and I got pretty cool phones that ended up being free. Mattie didn’t get to upgrade his phone, but we’re happy to all be back on Verizon together. Bless Mattie, he never complains about anything or asks for anything. Hopefully his old phone will hold out until he’s up for an upgrade.

I love my kids so much. Thank you, God, for the amazing people they are.


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