I want to write, but my fingers are freezing! I have my green plaid blankie tucked around me, but having my fingers flying across the keys (well, and the fan blowing on the computer to aid the CPU fan) is keeping them from warming up. It isn’t bad enough that my brain freezes up when I sit down to my computer to write; now I have to deal with frigid fingers, too. It doesn’t help that this is the draftiest room in the house, without the added fan!

I’m enjoying Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones, although I’m glad it’s written in small bites (1-2 page chapters) because I can only handle so much Zen philosophy before I feel like my head is melting and I have to put the book down. I read her books like I eat fish, pulling out the tasty meat–and there is lots of it, on the topic of writing specifically–and tossing out the Eastern religion bones (irony in the term duly noted).

Right now I’m reading about allowing freedom in wording, using descriptively specific verbs, and just freeing the mind to throw out onto the page whatever wants to show itself. I’ve done stream-of-consciousness writing before and I have to say I’ve always loved the exercise. I particularly love going back later and re-reading things I don’t remember writing. It’s a bit like uncovering a mystery I wrote myself.


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