It’s Friday, and I find myself rather contemplative this morning. A lot has changed in the past few days. Well, months. Okay, years. A lot has changed in the past four years, to be sure, and it’s been an interesting road trying to find my bearings after the selling of the house, the moving across the state to plant a church, the struggle to find gainful employment, the move back to the west Florida coast, the full-time teaching, the return to full time homeschooling, a semester of private tutoring, back to full time homeschooling, trying to find time and energy to write, grappling with heartbreak in the family, raising the our last two teens, keeping that fine balance of parent and friend, exploring my passion for cooking, and trying above all to fill the days with as much love and prayer and compassion and living out loud as humanly possible.

It’s been a wild ride, this life of mine. The past few years have been pretty crazy, but good heavens–my whole life has been wild. Maybe soon I will blog a bit more about just how crazy it’s been on the whole.


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