Maybe “out” isn’t quite the term to use. Maybe a better one would be
Just pick one. Any one of those will do.

I’ve whittled my Facebook “friends” list down from 780 to 325, with more coming off daily. Simplify doesn’t just mean reducing clutter on the list; it also means removing stressful people and situations. I would expect others to remove me if I were stressing them out. I’m sure some already have. I’m good with that.

My daughter is being harassed on a less-well-known social networking site by our lovely (not) family stalkers. We know who they are, and I find it terribly sad that they can’t seem to curb their obsession with our family. Whether it’s out of jealousy or anger or envy or some combination, I don’t know and I honestly don’t care any more. I will be so glad when we move from this place, if only for that reason. At least we will have far less chance of ever running into them in public, and I’m hoping we can sever the online ties to them at some point as well. They’ve been pretty persistent, so that may take a while. Seems to me they should have better things to do with their time and energies. It’s kind of creepy.

I am juggling a lot in my head and heart lately. I’m trying to figure out a way to word at least some of it, knowing that wording it takes some of the heaviness away. Reading Natalie Goldberg is certainly helping, which is ironic considering our diametrically opposing spiritual views. I have a great respect for her heart.


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