I wonder if I once amused older parents when I was a younger one complaining about things my kids did. Then again, historically I haven’t complained much about my kids because, quite honestly, they haven’t given me much to complain about.

When I see such whines as, “The baby just would not let me sleep last night!” or, “I can’t wait until she gets her days and nights figured out! This is crazy!” I find myself smiling. I’m not making fun of them, mind you, just can’t help but be amused. I do usually manage to control myself enough to refrain from retorting that there will come a day when they will wish with all their being that they could return to these days. Well, most of the time I manage it. Sometimes I actually do say that–as gently as I can.

The truth is, like all the days of our lives, these days of young parenting are fleeting. And like all other important times in our lives, we will one day wish we could relive them. I know I do. Every moment of being a mother has been special to me. Not all have been fun, by any means, but they have all been amazing. Even right now, with my tummy tied up in knots that would flummox a sailor over a difficult time one of my sons is going through, I bless God for every moment He allows me to be called Mama.


2 thoughts on “Want some cheese with that?

  1. Like a wise Mum of one of my friends said – Long are the days, but short are the years! It takes it out of you, but I wouldn't have it any other way (and our days are just beginning)!

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