So our 17-year-old, Matt, after much coaxing for weeks before Christmas, FINALLY mentioned a couple of things he would like as Christmas presents. Are you ready for this?

A Zippo lighter and a silver pocket watch.
He doesn’t smoke. He’s just one of those “loves to be prepared” types who likes having helpful gadgets at his fingertips so he can bail people out of unfortunate circumstances. I swear that boy ought to be in some kind of rescue career field. You would think he was an Eagle Scout. He never did Scouts at all.
His whole boyhood he wanted to be a US Marine. When he was around 15 he changed his mind. I think it has a lot to do with not trusting the government making the decisions for the military personnel and him being afraid he’d be putting his life on the line with dubious benefit to his country (or any other one for that matter). I have to say that very much describes my own heart on that topic.
So Rosie bought him a silver pocket watch for Christmas. It came in a gift set with a little key chain utility knife alongside it. Then his grandfather gave him another one, so how he has two. Steve and I gave him a Zippo, which he has spent many hours flipping open, lighting, and flipping closed. Now, thanks to the tutelage of Uncle Lou, not only can he drive a stick-shift, but with a quick snap of his fingers he can now light his Zippo with panache.
Interesting boy, that one.

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