From a RealHaus post this past December…
A recent status update on my Facebook page talks about how much I love homeschooling, partly because of the gentleness of living, the joy in learning rather than fear and stress and pressure over exams and presentations and grades. The point was made that exams are a part of life, with the implication that it should be taught to everyone. Another point made was that the Church can’t afford to lose another generation of kids like we lost the last one.

Which leaves me pondering: Where is the happy place between teaching our children to question authority and not bend to every whim and blindly jump through every hoop they are told to, and learning the skills and ability to adapt to the “real world” (as though they don’t already live in the real world if they school at home, but I digress)?
Put in more practical terms: I want to teach Rosie how to take tests and be able to be assessed for what she knows, but without constantly clamping her in a vise just for practice. I want her to have a realistic view of the hoops she may be asked to jump through in life, but I also want her to have the strength and courage to tell the hoop-holders to take a hike when the situation warrants it. I want her aware, but not scared, diplomatic but not so eager to please that she doesn’t stand against senseless demands on her time and energies.
I’m not even sure if any of this makes any sense at all.


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