My family now has a new “daily bread”. I’ve been making bread almost daily for close to a year now, but a recent outing to a local Greek restaurant caused me to fall in love with Ciabatta, and true to my normal form, I came straight home and found a recipe online to mess up–er–adapt to our family’s liking.

 Herb Ciabatta is now our family’s bread of choice, and on occasion (like when the band rehearsed here Thursday night) I make it more than once in a day (meaning 8 loaves instead of four). It goes well with potato soup, I can assure you from experience.

Only five minutes from emerging from the oven, tonight’s Ciabatta is starting to permeate the house with its aroma. I’m getting hungrier by the minute. The one little irony in this is the fact that Steve and I are here alone tonight (one teen working and the other at a concert), so we’ll be dipping our lovely fresh-baked bread in olive oil and spices all by our lonesomes. Might even leave some for the kids.


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