I first discovered Ann Voskamp about three weeks ago, when my friend Heather Roemer posted a trailer video promoting Ann’s book One Thousand Gifts. From the moment I watched this video, my heart was gripped and transformed in a way that I continue to discover on a daily, even moment by moment basis. 

When I learned that there was a book study scheduled upon release of the book, I knew immediately I wanted to be a part of it. I ordered a copy of the book the same day. Sadly, I was notified a week later that the book was on back-order (which I soon learned was because it was in its third printing in the few days since it released–a fact that did not surprise me at all), and that it could be 30 days before it would ship. I opted to reorder it from another company, one that seemed to be filling my friends’ orders quickly. 

I had to smile at the irony that many of my friends had learned of the book and the study from me and would be reading their books far ahead of me. Life is funny like that sometimes, although I admit I haven’t found waiting for this book to be very funny.

So if patience is a virtue, here I am, growing more virtuous by the moment.

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