It really doesn’t matter how roughly I am challenged on this point: My relationship with God is deeply personal. It is pervasive. It is intimate. And while I have the utmost reverence for His deity, I don’t spend a lot of time stressing over whether or not it is okay with Him that I call him “Daddy”, or “Dad”, or play it safe and just say “Abba”. He knows my heart because He knit it together.

It is hard to word, this bond between us.

But it is more than worth the effort to try.

There is no need to justify it to anyone, not even those whose opinions I respect–and certainly not to those whose opinions have over time proven themselves inconsequential and have faded like a mist at midday. There is no need to ask for permission to adore my Abba, and to joy in my connection with Him and communicate with Him in ways that cannot be worded.

I hope it’s okay with everyone that I love Him this way. But if it isn’t, I will still pursue it.

Because as much as I love all of you,

This love, this relationship, this adoration, this eyes-dancing-in-the-sunshine…

This is for Him.


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