I noticed this morning that I have a habit of placing my hands on either side of my head, running my fingers about halfway through my hair, then resting my head there with my elbows on my desk. With a long sigh, I sometimes sit here for several minutes thinking, calming, processing, until the thought occurs that one of my teens might notice and worry that I’m upset.

If I am alone I can stay in that spot for a long time, and I have to say I actually enjoy it. It feels centered, or something. Focused. Peaceful. It’s about as opposite from upset as it gets.

Only just over a month into 2011, my theme of “Simplify” is hitting home with a sharpness that only one who has known the blessing/curse of sensory over-stimulation can appreciate. If the goal is simplicity, how come what I’m feeling is so often complete mental/emotional/spiritual chaos?

No one warned me that this journey to introspection, of coming home, of discovering who I am in this world, in God, would make me wonder if I was losing my mind. No fair.

But had I known, would I have nodded that timid okay to His prompting of the theme?

I would really, really like to say yes.


4 thoughts on “In Search of Simplicity

  1. My pose is just as distinct. my thumb on my temple and my forehead resting on the middle part of my next two fingers. normally this is appomcanied by a pen sticking out of my mouth 🙂 the rest of the world just semes to fade away and I can actually think!

  2. Thank you Lisa for your very kind comment to me on incourage. Funny, but out of all the comments I read on Sunday—and I read about 30 of them—your name, Lisa Easterling, was the one thing I remembered and carried with me to pray for you as though we were friends, as though we had connected in the distant past. So I went back tonight to read comments and saw that name on a reply to me. Thank you! I'll be looking for your comments each time, new friend.

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