Use these for list journals or just as springboards for new journal topics. Enjoy!

1. List sounds that make you cringe.
2. List social issues that make steam billow from your ears.
3. List your favorite flowers.
4. List females you admire.
5. List famous people with whom you’d love to have dinner.
6. List your closest friends.
7. List things you love about you.
8. List things you admire about your life partner.
9. List your favorite desserts.
10. List your favorite restaurants.
11. List your favorite date-night activities.
12. List teachers who had a positive impact on your life.
13. List words and phrases you use every day.
14. List people who had a negative impact on your life.
15.List words you consider interesting.
16. List your most sentimental possessions.
17. List your favorite books.
18. List your favorite television shows, past and present.
19. List topics you’d like to explore.
20. List your favorite drinks.
21. List your favorite quiet places.
22. List friends from childhood you wish you could see again.
23. List favorite ways to reduce/relieve stress.
24. List things you never want to be.
25. List memorable or recurring dreams.
26. List personality traits you dislike.
27. List traits you look for in a friend.
28. List adjectives for God.
29. List your pets, past and present.
30. List places you’ve visited.
31. List places you’d like to visit.
32. List cars you’ve owned.
33. List places you’ve lived.
34. List schools you’ve attended.
35. List your favorite articles of clothing, past and present.
36. List your best bargains.
37. List people you’ve wronged.
38. List people who have personally thanked you for something you did or said.
39. List males you admire.
40. List animals you find fascinating.
41. List foods that make you gag.
42. List things that make your tummy hurt.
43. List your favorite songs.
44. List your favorite authors.
45. List your favorite ways to pamper yourself.
46. List phrases that have clipped your emotional wings.
47. List things that make you smile.
48. List sayings you’ve heard.
49. List items you collect.
50. List smells that spark your memory.

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