List five relatives you saw at family reunions as a child.

List the five best colors in a crayon box.

List your five favorite things about your personality

List five nicknames you were given in school.

List five places you’d like to visit sometime in your life.

List five names you would have liked had you picked your own name.

List your top five most attractive current movie stars.

List your five favorite comfort foods.

List five people you hope you see as often as possible.

List five things you would tell your country’s president if you ever met him/her.

List five things you wish were for sale in the supermarket (that are not for sale now).

List five events in your life you wish you could erase.

List five moments in your life you wish you could relive.

List the five best desserts on the planet.

List the five silliest jokes you can remember.

List the five funniest people you have ever met.

List five places you wouldn’t mind living.


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