I wrote a portion of this post as a reply to someone at BlogFrog and thought I would also share it here.

Many bloggers like using photos in their blogging. And for good reason, since a picture is worth…well, you know. If you find using photos to be cumbersome or interfering with the flow of your writing, I would suggest not worrying about using them. If, however, you like photos and enjoy their inclusion, it might be worth the effort.

I love photography, so having blogged for so many years I am in the habit of constantly looking for opportunities for more “stock” type photography–the kind that works well in blog posts. For example, one photo I snapped of our son at age ten (he is now 25) in the ocean facing the sunset with his arms raised up has served me well over the years in posts where praising God was the image I was looking to show.

Shots of sunrises, sunsets, and nature shots are always useful. Generic shots of people doing ordinary things are also helpful, and I try to do some of those (not all, since I do like to keep most of my blog posts personal to share my heart and life with others) without the face showing to make them more versatile.

And don’t ever underestimate the value of a picture of a pizza! Food images are wonderful, especially such gems like loaves of homemade bread, berries, or a few toffee chocolate cookies. As you can see, just the words can make your mouth water, so imagine what a picture can do!

Sometimes I edit the photos with artistic effects to vary the image and make it more universal; an artistic touch rarely hurts.

I find keeping an eye out for blogging shots to be quite fun. I’ve also found an added benefit to being on the lookout for such shots: I stay always aware and mindful of the beauty in every scene, every moment, which keeps me always a deeply grateful girl.


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