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One would think that because I write and edit for Write Where It Hurts, I am constantly writing where it hurts. One would be wrong.

I never mean to make it sound easy to dig down below the surface to the painful places, pulling them up like roots exposed to light for examining. I’ve only been to professional counseling once in my life.  I was 34 when a close friend died suddenly and it jolted my system into clinical depression (nerve exhaustion, adrenal exhaustion). After suffering the most debilitating physical symptoms I’d ever encountered for about two weeks, I visited a professional counselor to see if maybe he could help.

His suggestion was to dig back into my past, to unearth whatever past traumas were at the root of what was happening to me. I kept trying to explain to him that what I was experiencing wasn’t just grief symptoms–I could barely function! He started talking about taking a pharmaceutical route and I finally told him if there was no other way to wellness I would consider it. Fortunately through extensive research on my own and an amazing family doctor, we were able to address the physical problem of nerve exhaustion with acupuncture and Chinese herbs and I was symptom-free within six weeks.

All that said, there is a time for digging, unearthing, examining.

Such introspection and remembering can be freeing beyond all expectation. That doesn’t mean it’s a breeze to do, but the benefit of wholeness is far beyond worth the effort.

Real healing is rarely easy.

With the right tools and (especially) encouragement, the excavating of our hurts can be made a little easier. We all need a buddy for the journey; if you have at least one, consider yourself armed.

In fact, I would love to be considered your Friend for the Foray. Would you consider it?


2 thoughts on “Writing Where It Hurts

  1. When I reached the place of having to allow past traumas to the surface I was moving in high speed trying to outrun the descending cloud of doom…busy busy busy…using ministry, of all things, as my addiction of choice. Ultimately, we realize our whole being, spirit, soul, and body were never equipped to keep this stuff packed down into ourselves without expecting it to explode on us one day…..this is when the cleansing starts…..thanks for sharing your heart, Lisa!!

    1. You are so right, my friend. Your words are spot-on, and I love what you said about pouring ourselves into ministry to keep from dealing with the root issues. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!

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