I like the way I love people the moment I meet them.

It makes me positively giddy to meet new people, because each one represents another heart to love on.

This has gotten me into trouble on occasion. Okay, on a lot of occasions, and my family (mostly my kids) look sideways at me whenever I say I’ve made a new friend because they know there exists the distinct possibility (probability, even) that I will be taken advantage of, yet again. I tend to be blissfully ignorant of this potential until the oft-inevitable happens.

Despite momentary setbacks when people turn out to be those who take and never give back in friendship, I heal and move on and reach out again. I guess you could say I’m a glutton for punishment.

But I’m also a naturally-wired lover. I can’t not love.

I will say that the way I love has changed and adapted over the years. I’m getting better at setting sensible boundaries (which was a long time coming–just ask my family), and I find I can pour out love in much healthier ways (for the other and for me) as God has grown me in this area.

Because of this healthy boundary system, I find that I have had to leave some situations with God to handle and let go of them myself. This has gotten easier as I have grown increasingly confident in God to bring beauty from ashes.  In one particular case I believe with all my heart it is His to carry and not mine, and I don’t intend to pick it up again. I trust Him to complete His good work and I leave it to Him.

I like the way I love because I can’t imagine living the life of a reclusive cynic. Not that I haven’t been occasionally nudged toward a hermit cave by one injury or another; I just can’t stay there for long. It’s lonely in there.

I’m sadly imperfect, but I do love deeply.

If I’m completely honest, if I were someone else I would long to be my friend.


3 thoughts on “Day 1: I like the way I love {31 Days of What I Like About Me}

  1. I can’t not love, too. I try it sometimes but dang it! 😉 The running joke among some friends is that I love everyone and lack discernment because of it.

  2. Sometimes I think it would be much easier if Heavenly Father hadn’t wired us to love so easily. I understand what you’re saying…I’m on the somewhat reclusive side of things and, yes, it does get pretty lonely. I thank Him for friends like you that come banging on the cave door and remind me that there is good in this world after all. 🙂

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