Something I say pretty often is, “I am but a simple girl.”

Usually it makes people grin (always a bonus), but the truth is, I really am pretty simple.

I like the small things, and simple beauty makes me smile. And I can find beauty in just about anything (except for roaches and mosquitoes).

Simple gifts make me happy (although I am pretty doggone stoked about the grill our friends gave us last night, not going to lie). Things like hand-written notes from the heart and Hershey bars pulled from behind a friend’s back because she loves me.

Mama taught me during our lean years how to make a little bit of groceries go a long way. It was common for her to cook a pot of beans on Sunday that had to last all week long. They always did, and I don’t remember ever going hungry. I can turn a few potatoes into a delicious soup, or a ball of dough into six small pizzas. It really doesn’t take a lot to make a good meal.

It doesn’t take much to make me happy. Just knowing I am loved means everything.

A fistful of wildflowers can decorate my world, and a 99-cent pen can make my heart dance. Give me a rainy day and I feel I could fly. A playful tousel of my hair as my husband walks by makes my whole day brighter.

I shop at outlets and thrift stores and discount supermarkets and yard sales and fruit stands. I am happy with hand-me-downs.

I don’t get bent about much. I have discovered that this surprises people who expect me to get mad at what angers most everyone else. I just think life is sweeter without unnecessary anger.

I kind of like that I’m a fairly low-maintenance gal. I truly am grateful for each and every detail of this beautiful life.

Every simple little thing.



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