Today was a very busy day for me, so I am super late posting this. My eyes, which I actually do like, have had many tasks to “see to” today.

If eyes truly are the window to one’s soul, I like to see mine as an ocean. They are blue like my daddy’s, and they have seen much. They had seen much before I was 10–much that no child should ever have to see. But they have also seen much joy and light and gladness and beauty. That is what I like to remember first and most.

In the third grade my best friend Robin Sutton had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. One day Mrs. Glover brought another teacher over to show her the loveliness of Robin’s eyes, exclaiming over the depth of their blueness amid the dark of long, black, fluttery lashes. The other teacher gasped at the beauty and Robin blushed. I forgot to stop myself before I spoke what I was thinking and said, “But Mrs. Glover. I have blue eyes, too.” I remember her looking at me with a soft kindness that made me squirmy and immediately sorry I had spoken out loud.

Looking back, I remember how gorgeous my friend’s eyes were, and objectively speaking I have to say they did stand out. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever met anyone in the 40 years since then with eyes to compare. No wonder the teachers called attention to them.

But I really do like my eyes. They are kind eyes. They are eyes that welcome others in immediate friendship.

Whether pooled with tears or dancing with laughter, I would have to say they are windows to my soul. They shine the depths of my heart at any given moment whether happy or sad. They are my favorite color in the world.

I am grateful for the ability to see all the beauty in this world God has made, and particularly grateful to have eyes that see beyond the surface into the deeper places where His creativity dwells and reflects back and inspires me to be creative, too.

I pray I always have eyes ever watching for the return of Jesus, eyes of love only for my beloved husband, eyes of compassion and understanding and maternal pride for my treasured children, eyes of gentleness and friendship for those around me.

I have blue eyes, too. 


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