I have always loved speaking in front of people, and the more people the better I like it. It isn’t so much a look-at-me thing as it is a too-cool-for-words opportunity to entertain, to teach, to make people laugh.

The slightly embarrassing truth is, I’ve had a dream since I was a little girl of being in an arena speaking to 10,000 or more people. Loving on them all and making them smile and maybe even cry with a story or thought. Telling them what God has done for me and how madly He loves them and what He wants more than anything to do for them.

I’ve met many people in my lifetime who stated emphatically their fear of talking in front of a crowd. And being on a stage? Out of the question. I always stare wide-eyed and think, “Let me do it!”

I’d like to believe that one day my time will come.

For right now I’m happy teaching and leading small groups and doing ice-breakers for our church’s marriage ministry.

If God decides He wants to put me on a mic one day to talk about His crazy love in front of a million, I’ll be so there.


7 thoughts on “Day 12: I like my speaking ability {31 Days of What I Like About Me}

  1. Hi Lisa,
    I had to laugh when I read your post. We are truly soul sisters! I, like you, love to speak in front of people…weird since I used to have panic disorder and agoraphobia! That’s God for ya. I had just hit the send button on an email to a friend in Colorado telling her how excited I was that I was going to be presenting at a conference soon and that the executive director asked me to add some personal stories. I wrote, “I love to talk about ME!” Ha. But really, the truth is, I love to talk about Him, and what He did for me and my life. Yep…I want people to hear. I have also had a secret fantasy of speaking before crowds of people. In fact, I wrote about that in one of my own blog posts called, “It Was A Dark and Stormy Night.” Your name is so familiar to me these days I feel like we are friends. Great blog Lisa!

  2. It’s so refreshing to hear someone talk about what they like about themselves. We always put ourselves down. God has fearfully and wonderfully made us. We are a reflection of HIS glory–so recognize your gifts and walk it out. Good job Lisa.

    1. Thank you so much, dear Rita! I admit it’s starting to get harder to think of things, but it’s pushing me to think farther along those lines and I guess maybe that’s a good thing. Bless you for your encouragement, my friend.

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