I’ve  been told I say yes way too often, that I do too much, that I over-commit.

It’s more than just me not wanting to say no (even though I really don’t like to say no). It’s more that I really do want to say yes because I want to be useful.

And the truth is, I am more organized when I’m busy. I figure if I’m going to busy with something it should be things that help people, that make God happy.

Ironic that I should be writing such an abbreviated post because I’m crazy busy right now, but there is a really good reason for it. This weekend is being spent with two beautiful friends in life and ministry: the founder and publicist of Write Where It Hurts. I can’t begin to describe the blessing it is to work with two such loving and self-sacrificial women. It is an honor, and I pray I get to serve alongside them for many years to come.

I also pray for the stamina, the willingness, the inspiration, the drive to always have my ear attuned for ways to give of myself for His sake. As long as He keeps providing opportunities for me to lay down my own will and  limitations, I will by His strength continue to say yes.


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