A friend text-messaged me earlier this week and said, “I am so glad you are such a low-maintenance friend!” She probably doesn’t realize just how much that means to me. With all the crazy drama going on in this world I’d like to think I’m doing my part for the greater good by not adding any more to it.

That isn’t to say I’m always so calm. A couple of days a month my disposition isn’t quite so pleasant, but on those days I tend to hibernate as much as possible so I don’t hurt anyone’s feelings or put words out there I’d be faced with biting down hard on later.

It could be because I’m fairly easy-going that I tend to avoid volatile people, those who tend to go from zero to off-with-your-head in less than sixty seconds. I tend to get along with just about anybody, and I will attempt to accommodate even the most disagreeable, but I tend to shy away from deeper friendship with those who easily fly off the handle. That kind of tenuous environment tends to make me skittish. When I’m skittish and uncertain I can’t function optimally or be fully myself.

I’d like to think my personality puts people at ease (sans the above-mentioned day or two a month) and makes them feel relaxed and safe. Creating such a secure and peaceful atmosphere makes me happy, and in such a chaotic world I am grateful for the chance to breathe even a tiny bit of tranquility into the lives of those around me.




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