I am blessed to say that I walk closely with God. I stay in perpetual conversation with Him.

I rarely say “Amen”.

I love reading His Word, and love that I never grow tired of discovering treasures He has put into print for me to find.

I blow it sometimes, and since He is right there I feel His correction immediately. I also experience His grace in abundance in those same soon moments.

I like that what breaks His heart breaks mine, and what He loves I love.

I feel His presence all the time, even in my sleep.

I thank Him for all the good things in my life, and try hard to also thank Him for what is not so good. I thank Him for the people He has placed in my life, whether as lifters or lessons.

I am deeply humbled to know Him this way. I don’t take it for granted. One of my greatest passions is helping others to know this joy.


2 thoughts on “Day 18: I like my relationship with God {31 Days of What I Like About Me}

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