January is more than half gone, and I’m just now showing up to blog for the first time this year. It’s been a busy few weeks here.

Pandora chimes out “Cristofori’s Dream” while I sip sweet cream chocolate caramel coffee and enjoy a few moments of solitude. It’s seldom quiet here, so I rest in these moments when I can.

My mind is crowded tonight. So much so that I struggle to put words together. Weaving seems far down the list since creativity would require that words actually wind up on the screen and not just keep bunny-hopping around in my head. A car door outside heralds someone leaving, or arriving, or maybe both. There is no meaning to this.

This is why I don’t show up here often these days. What tiny shred of creative expression I can muster has to be saved for WWIH, and there just doesn’t seem to be much left over after that. I keep hoping something magical will happen and I’ll wake up one morning with the ability to perfectly balance household, homeschooling, ministry, leadership, and everything else and still have wits enough to write here. Maybe one day.


2 thoughts on “Crowded brain chaos and other reasons for absence

  1. Well.
    Regardless of how you feel, what you wrote is beautiful. I want to be just like you when I grow up. You are a master at the writing craft. 🙂 Why not count what you do at WWIH here, too?
    I think you are just stellar. 🙂

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