repurpose13Thanks for bearing with me while we get the website rolling. This is an exciting (and crazy and jittery) time for I’m glad you’re here with me. We are actually a tad ahead of schedule, which is one part scary and ten parts delightful. I try not to think about all the work that is yet to go into this. Just keep swimming.

Are you wondering what’s coming? Here’s a tiny sketch.

  • A hub for sharing what God has shown me, taught me, allowed me to experience in my life
  • A way to bless women with answers from my perspective to frequently asked questions on marriage, parenting, the intentional building and nurturing of family, relationships, and all things domestic)
  • The sharing of our love story (and a plea that you don’t ever give up on the fairy tale you dream)
  • A place to share my own life story (and an invitation to write yours, too)
  • What’s cooking on Cake Mountain
  • Encouragement and information on homeschooling (because it’s what I know best)
  • What I’m currently studying in the Word, along with Scriptural nudges, invitations, and challenges
  • Resources for writers and other creative artists (writing prompts, links to great artistic blogs for inspiration, etc.)
  • A base for coaching creative writing
  • The sharing of my creative photography, and a place to feature others’ lovely work (and encouragement for you to keep capturing your own scenes and memories)
  • A spring of fresh thoughts flowing near-daily through the “Living a Lovely Life” blog
  • Resources for all of the above and then some

Basically I want this to come from God, flow through me and all that my life represents, and radiate out to beautiful you.

I remember my little-girl Marches. The first month of spring always seemed to greet me with a mischievous grin, a whispered invitation to follow her into some magical place where breezes blew cool but buds were peeking green from little sprouts and birds were trying new tweets.

I live that same anticipation looking back, feel the eagerness of girlhood bursting forth from a heart longing to follow a love-crazy God into what is known only to Him. The breezes beckon and the squirrels dart tree-to-tree and I am dared to come out and play. I am at the door.

And I want you to come with me.


Share your heart, too?

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