happierlifeWho doesn’t want a happier life? What you might not realize is how easy it can be to move toward that happier life right now by employing a few simple keys.

Key 1: Simplify, Simplify

Let’s face it: we all live cluttered, chaotic lives. It’s hard not to, in such a busy, driven, electronic, breakneck-paced world. But guess what? Your life can be an oasis of calm in the midst of the turmoil. Start by getting into a routine of eliminating a few things each day that are unnecessary: clothing, knick-knacks, boxes or bags of random unsorted junk mail, extra dishes or other household goods—anything that you could easily do without. You will be surprised at how much calmer you feel in an environment with less “stuff” around you.

Key 2: Focus on the Truly Important

Purposeful focusing on the important things in our lives might sound complicated, but it really isn’t. It’s a matter of making time every so often to ask yourself, “Is this really that important? Would anything or anyone be hurt if it disappeared?” What truly matters will effortlessly rise to the top and you will find your life enriched in ways you may have never considered before. You will also find that at the core, it is always people who matter more than things. Putting people over things is a habit that will bless you in every area of your life.

Key 3: Stay Intentional

Do you ever feel like you are simply reacting to life, rather than purposing out each step with careful intentionality? Life should not be a frantic game of Whack-a-Mole! We were created to live with purpose and direction, and our lives are deeper and more beautiful when we do. Make it a habit to continually ask God for guidance, even in the smallest details of your life. He delights in being present in your moments. Invite Him in and follow His plans for you, and watch your purpose open out before you like a yellow brick road.

Key 4: Practice Habitual Gratitude

One of the most important and beneficial things we can do in life is to develop and nurture a grateful heart. Nothing can compare to a spirit so in tune with the Giver of all good things. Make it a natural part of your day to thank Him for even the smallest things and watch Him elongate your moments and days and extend your life in divine ways. We were made to praise Him, for every breath and every step we take, and we are never more fulfilled in our lives than when we are cultivating a spirit of thanks.

You’ve probably noticed a recurring term in all four keys: Habit. While unhealthy habits can become ingrained, they can easily be replaced with live-giving habits when you turn these four keys and watch God unlock beauty and joy in your life beyond what you can imagine. So, friend, are you ready for a happier life?



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