celebrateI am simply amazed by God’s perfect timing. Have you ever had moments where you were just completely in awe of Him and His perfect plan? Moments when your spirit bubbles over with so much joy you almost can’t contain it?

It’s difficult to think about the perfection of His timing and the divinely purposed plan of His blessing when things are tough. Been there, done that, screamed and sobbed into the T-shirt. I wish I could say it’s been a long time since that happened.

Truth is, it’s a challenge to look beyond pain and problems into a future that He can see, but we can’t.

Then come those moments when things seem to be coming together in so many ways it makes your head spin, and you’re almost afraid for the axe to fall. Okay, forget afraid–you are terrified that the axe is going to come crashing down and wreck the blessing. The cloud of dread looms so heavily over your celebration that you have trouble experiencing even
momentary joy.

Why? Because that is what the world teaches us. Good times can’t last, right?

As hard as it can be to stay optimistic, I still believe blessings can last. Psalm 139 tells us that “even the darkness is light to You”. So the bottom line is that no matter what hand life deals us, in Christ we can always be assured that another round is coming. There will always be joy in the morning. He will turn our mourning into dancing. And that ultimately, the game is in the bag.

We simply must remember that good things are His heart for us. Not only should we not live waiting for the axe to fall, we should make every effort to live in a spirit of celebration, a spirit of abundance—because is that not what He wills for His children? He came that we might have life in abundance.

If we know that the Enemy of our souls is out to steal our joy, and that the Creator of the universe (and us) is out to give us a life of beauty and joy, then why do we continue to live from fear to fear?

Perhaps it’s time we took back the happiness that was knit into us by the Author of Life.

That, dear friends, is something worth celebrating.



Featured at Write Where It Hurts


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