adamray{A tribute to those who have served, and those who have given their lives for our freedom}

Tell me your stories, my brave-hearted friend,
Of all of the courage you’ve shown.
Tell me of battles and nights without sleep,
Of all of the heartbreak you’ve known.
Paint me a picture as seen through your eyes,
That mine have been blessed not to see,
Of all of the hardships you faced through the years
To help keep the rest of us free.
Tell me of letters you never could write,
Of blood shed and left in the sand;
Tell me, I beg you, of all of these things,
That I might, in some way, understand.
Tell me your thoughts as you look back through time,
Just a glimpse of the things that you feel.
Show me the scars you have borne for my sake,
For your wounds mean my freedom is real.
Please tell me your stories again and again,
Of dangers and perils you’ve met,
And allow me to thank you for all you have done;
Please, never let me forget.

Featured at Write Where It Hurts


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