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Art Beat Photography

Healing comes on butterfly wings. It flutters softly about, lighting here and there, staying longest where the rain has washed the air clean.

It floats timid and uncertain above trampled petals while the fragrance of pain yet lingers. It grieves for what was lost and dares to hope for what can be restored.

It is not impatient as it waits for its time to come. It loves enough to wait, knowing real living can only happen when real repair has been made.

It is not afraid of tears, for tears are healing waters flowing from eyes that have seen first-hand how injury stands knee-deep in need of grace.

And isn’t grace the one thing none of us deserves but all of us need?

Grace loves before the apology, reaches out before the repent, forgives before the asking. And we are all richer for it.

We fail and struggle here on this orb, fall and speak wrongly and take offense too quickly. Not one of us is immune to the wiles of the Enemy of our souls. He would have us all held eternally captive.

But love has come and we are saved.

Love smiles at the one who has harmed and with graceful breath blows away the wrong and sees through Jesus’ eyes. Only then can we see the truth.

What we see once the scales fall off is how imperfect we all are, how beautiful the matchless love of Jesus that covers all and never dies.

Love sees the mistakes of others with a heart of restoration and does not condemn. It lays down stones and draws in the dirt and makes all things new.

And don’t we all need to be made new?

Friend, what is breaking your heart that you can let fall to the sand, let our Father mend and make whole? What hole in your heart needs to be sutured by His gentle hand? Will you let it fall?

Let’s do this together, this letting go of the past and giving the hurt to Jesus and taking hold of the remaking, His gift to us right now. Can we?

Let’s go forward lighter, you and I, together. Walk side by side with me in the freedom only His love and grace can provide? I would love your company.

Because I had begun to despair this day would never come for me, and today it has. And it can come for you, too.

He wants to make us new, and if you’re anything like me you’ll want eyes that can really see what He is creating here.

Come with me. You won’t want to miss this. He’s making beautiful things out of us.



Featured at Write Where It Hurts


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