lisapaintingA small green paintbrush captured me today
Brushed me across a canvas rough but welcoming
Moved like music over the whiteness and left it with a face
Not quite smiling, but far from sad
The lines blurred slightly, but it was me
Colors thrown across the surface
With purposeful abandon
Eyes staring back like midnight orbs
Hauntingly mine

An artistan’s easel held me today
Cradled me like a timid child
Rocked me with a subtlety only an artist could know
Strong legs held me fast
Completely balanced but not so firm
As to rob me of the edge
The knowing that at any moment I could fall or fly
Or fade

A master created me today
Or maybe just allowed me to see what was already there
Held up the magic mirror where only fools look in
And I looked, fool that I am, and smiled
Seeing for the first time my truth
Reading the page with perfect understanding
Knowing I would never be the same
Nor would I want to be
Anyone but me



Featured at Write Where It Hurts


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