She never stops giving
Running, helping, pouring out
Sits in her car and the tears fall
Keeps adapting, keeps shouldering it all
Pushing her body over the precipice again
And down for the count till she’s mended
It’s how she loves

She prays in the window seat late at night
Red hair shining in the light of the moon
The day has bled her dry once more
She’s wearied to the core but not undone
She’ll run for one more hour
Her source of power beyond herself
Is how she loves

She begs escape but not from it all
Just moments she can call her own
Alone in the quiet where hurts get worded
And hearts are softly, sweetly reached
About her town and across her world
Her selfless heart unaware
Of how she loves

And I, from miles away kneel down
And lift her to Heaven with words of my own
Picture me reflected in moonlight by her side 
If only in a dream where help can be touched
And kindness is spoken by holding a hand
Somehow her heart knowing I understand
How she loves



{Happy birthday, beautiful.}


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