Would you cheer up? You’re just depressed.
It’s been three days since you got dressed.
Just pray it through and you’ll be fine.
It won’t fix anything to whine.
No, really, I don’t mean to pry,
But you’d be well if you’d just try.
How could you ask for one thing more?
You’ve so much to be thankful for.
So chin up, girl! Snap out of it!
Your downcast gaze just doesn’t fit.
I hope you don’t think me unkind,
But this is all just in your mind.

And so we hide for our own good
To fight what is misunderstood.


2 thoughts on “In Your Mind {NaPoWriMo 10}

  1. Sometimes what they think is just all in our heads is caused by a physical problem. Many health issues have depression as a by-product, but many just ignore that thought entirely. They’d rather think we’re nuts or ungrateful or faithless because we aren’t “perky” and blowing sunshine everywhere.

    You did a great job on this poem, Sis. It says a great deal yet is succinct. Keep up the good work!

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