Yes, it’s a roll of tissue, and no matter how many times I move it, somehow it winds up in photos. So I’m letting it have its day, in hopes that it will leave me alone.
It could happen.

Sometimes I think I live life somewhere between parentheses. But anyway.

First, to address the one leftover challenge from yesterday: Pick a Task

  • Pick one task you need to accomplish; write it down. Empty the dishwasher
  • List all distractions that stand in your way. Cell phone, needing a drink, mind wandering, apathy
  • Share the list with one person who can hold you accountable. Retta
  • As you work, glance at your list and remind yourself what really matters.
  • Turn off your phone and/or silence other pieces of technology, while you do this task. See how much better your can concentrate when you focus.

What struck me during this challenge is how few distractions I have overall at this point in my life. Today I am completely alone, so there isn’t much to pull my attention from what I “should” be doing. Honestly, one of my biggest hurdles now is lack of motivation. Might have to get Lucy to poke me with a stick now and then.

Today’s Challenge: Let Go.

This includes welcoming, and planning for, interruptions.

If I’m completely honest (and I always try to be), I am guilty of getting annoyed by interruptions. For someone who is so creatively wired and happy-go-lucky, I can on occasion get my fip-flops in a frazzle when things pop up out of the blue (which is my favorite color, but I digress). This doesn’t happen often (the annoyance thing), but once in a while it still does. Today’s challenge spurs me to be more expectant and less wary of interruptions, to just roll with them as they pop up. I’m very much a roll-with-it kind of gal, so hopefully this won’t be terribly difficult.

Earlier this week a cousin posted about how annoying it was to have visitors show up unannounced. I admit this can be a pet peeve for me, too. It got me to thinking, though, why that annoys me. I know it isn’t because I don’t like company, or people, or socializing, or being hospitable. I think it’s more the lack of time to prepare, to make sure the house is tidy, to brush my hair and be dressed in something other than my Jamaican house dress, to make some coffee and have fresh muffins emerging from the oven. I just like to be ready. I’ve become rather fond of solitude, but I really do like hanging out with people.

I’ll be pondering all this today, home alone for most of the day until my family gets home.

And I’ll be on the lookout for interruptions to welcome.

“We don’t become who we’re supposed to be by checking off one more thing on the to-do list. The path to legacy comes to those who help others, who make time for interruptions. Those are the people we remember. And that’s the kind of person I want to be.” –Jeff Goins


2 thoughts on “Am I interruptible? {Slow Down Challenge Day 4}

  1. I wouldn’t mind the Jamaican house dress. I’ll just make sure I have my purple fuzzy slippers and feety pajamas on (hmm, does it ever get warm enough to warrant wearing those here? LOL). I’d be glad to be an interruption from time to time 🙂
    I can’t imagine you getting your flip flops in a frazzle. You are probably the most laid back person I know.

  2. You can pad up to my door in your fuzzy slippers and feety jammies any time. In the three or four days of winter (anything below 60) we have you can wear them comfortably, at least for an hour or two before you sweat to death. I usually do stay pretty laid back. Not much ruffles me, although today I did get toasty under the collar a bit over something someone said. Ah, well, it’s all good. 🙂

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