It was just past 6am when the call came. “Mama, I’m okay, but I was in an accident.”

My surroundings panned back, lengthening like a movie scene as I struggled to find my voice. “Is it serious? What happened? Where are you?” Questions popped like shots from a flare gun.

“It’s pretty serious. The traffic is never backed up or stopped on this road, but this morning it was. It all happened so fast. I got out right away to check on the lady I hit and tried to keep her calm till the ambulance came. I think she will be okay.”

I found out where he was and jumped into the car, my mind still wrapped in a fog. In the midst of the blur, phrases from the call kept floating forward. He’d been driving his future father-in-law’s car, and as I pulled up to the scene I could tell it was totaled. I felt sick. He was talking to an officer when I arrived but quickly came over and put his arms around me. I was wrecked but in emergency mama mode and my baby needed me strong.

It was two weeks till his wedding, and I fought to stop the flow of what-ifs. It was surreal that he walked away from the accident uninjured. His account of the accident playing over in my head was nearly more than I could stand. He’s 20, but he will always be my baby boy.

I’ve rarely known fear like that. Really, I don’t think there is anything like the fear a mother feels for the safety of her children. I generally stay in a constant stream-of-dialogue prayer, and let me tell you that morning God and I had quite the conversation. The fear of a mama for her babies is the kind that grips and doesn’t let go, squeezes the breath right out and threatens to smother any hope or reason.

But when the God of Peace lives deep within the soul of a mama, it changes everything.

Scripture says that we don’t “grieve like those who have no hope.” (I Thess. 4:13) That verse has always made me think well beyond grief and mourning, has made me realize that we don’t do anything like those who have no hope. Not with the Creator of the Universe in the driver’s seat.

We don’t live like those who have no hope.
We don’t stress like those who have no hope.
We don’t fear like those who have no hope.

There’s no peace like God’s peace, that unwordable calm that settles deep and assures the heart that no matter what happens God will never lose control.

My sweet boy and his beautiful wife have been married for just over five months, and the same God who settles my soul watches over our newlyweds with a protectiveness like no other. I will always worry, because I am a mama. But fear will not hold me long, because my hope rests in the One Whose perfect love casts out all fear.

It is a hope that drives everything I do.
And I pray this hope for you.

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10 thoughts on “Peace in the face of fear

  1. I can imagine that fear. It’s something no mother wants to go through. As usual your post has me in the moment right along with you. I’ve never grieved or mourned with any hope. In the past I ran from God during most of our tragedies … though even in the ones I didn’t run, I’m not sure I felt hope or peace. I just sort of stayed numb. Your post encourages me. I pray that, if/when something happens that I need to grip hope, I can do so with such strength & peace.

    1. Thank you, dearest. You are a strong woman and I know God will give you the courage and strength you need as you walk this road desiring to do His will. Thank you for letting me walk alongside you, my beautiful friend.

  2. Thank you for that scripture. Hadn’t thought of it for a while. Yes, It is this very hope that makes all the difference in the world. God bless your ‘baby boy’ and his wife and God bless you!

  3. Love that. “We don’t fear like there’s no hope.” Tucking that deep tonight, friend. So great to see you on the link up!

    And I remember this scene almost as if I lived it myself.

    BTW, I want social media like buttons on here. LOL. I want to “Like!”

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