I’m working toward a goal of near-daily posting for 2014. Since today is the first day of this brand new year, I want to start it off by showing up.

We camped out overnight last night with some friends, old and new. We got rained on and had a pretty rough night chilled and drenched in the tent. It was one of the most fun New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day experiences I can remember.

Gratitude is a way of life for me, so it comes naturally to point out the lovely things in every experience. One of the loveliest blessings of the past two days was getting to know a family I feel like we’ve known our whole lives. Only God can connect hearts this way, and I’m delighted He did.

So for 2014, my blogging goal will look something like “Wording 2014: A near-daily word-share of the random and magnificent and all in between”. I have some writing challenges set for myself that include an hour or more of writing time daily and the completion of at least one of the three books currently in the writing process. Prayers and sideline cheers are more than welcome.

Just so you know, not every post will be mind-blowing, or memorable, or intriguing. Some will just be me showing up here to toss out some unremarkable thing that I’m thinking or learning or doing. Once in a while you might find something extra special. Whatever you find, I hope you’ll keep showing up. And I will, too.

Wishing you love on this beautiful first day of a brand new year.


One thought on “Happy 2014

  1. YAY! I look forward to seeing you blog more often. What you might think is unremarkable may just be what some random person needs to read. Your words always have a way of touching people. Happy new year, my friend.

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