We kissed in the hallway tonight, my beloved and I, stayed there a long time leaned against the walls with family pictures in frames above his head and I saw them in my periphery, those babies who came from us together now all grown up and walking their own pathways.

We’re alone a lot now, he and I, and tonight we took down Christmas decorations and tidied the house and ate chicken soup I made with extra garlic to keep us healthy. There were moments, several of them, when I’d catch myself singing along with him, along with our old vinyls from when we first met and think how much fun it is to be married to this man, my very best friend, the other half of my heartbeat. Being with him makes everything beautiful.

I noticed it, the way he kissed me, like he did all those years ago. In the 34 years we’ve been together this passion has never dimmed. I leaned gentle against his chest, heard his heart beating for me and for this family we’ve raised together wrapped in God’s sweet grace. He pulled me closer and I heard the soft sigh that said I still love you like that and I always will.

And our Styx record sang from the living room to seal it all true.
I long for the past…and dream of the days…with you…Madame Blue.

And I know that I don’t have to live in the past, because we are in this for life–all of it then and now and whatever comes. This is our beautiful life, and we’re living it together. We’ll kiss often, leaning against walls surrounded by pictures of ancestors and babies and grandbabies, listening to music that reminds us of then. And we’ll smile through the Christmases and all that is made new, grateful for every single moment of this life wrapped in a passion that doesn’t fade.

I love him still, and I always will.


3 thoughts on “Still

  1. I am so blessed to be able to witness the love you two have for eachother. I’m sure the Lord uses it and you both as living examples of a Godly marriage, for more than just me. Thank you for helping my husband & I find our fairytale.

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