I skim 90% of what comes through my inbox. I admit with crimson cheeks (not exactly, but I like the imagery) that I rarely read through the entirety of every WordPress newsletter. There–I’ve said it and now I can sleep. Well, I can after I put the rock back over the crook in the gutter so the rain stops pounding on it at freakish decibel levels.

Anyway, today I was skimming and for some bizarre reason the word “Bloggess” struck my fancy. I’m like that with words sometimes–you know, words like flummox and pulchritude and brouhaha–I just can’t pass them up without seeing where they take me.

So I clicked on today’s WP newsletter linking their blog post welcoming The Bloggess. As I read through the various sections of the post, one thing stood out above everything else: this gal writes the real. Anybody who has read me for more than ten minutes knows that my saying “she writes the real” is like placing a Queen of All the Things sash across her midsection. I have a ten-mile-long list of blogs I follow so it’s the rare blog any more on which I click that “follow” button, but I’ll be following this one.

Something she said grabbed me by the ear.
“I don’t think there’s such a thing as an unimportant story, but some are told better than others.”

I’ll be chewing on that today and likely well beyond. Thanks for the prompt, Miz Jenny. I like you already.

P.S. Upon further review of her blog, I thought I’d mention that her language does get a bit colorful in spots. But feel free to head over if you’re feelin’ froggy. Clearly we each have our own unique way of expressing our real.


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