Rest in peace, sweet Joey
3/9/10 – 1/24/14
Photo: Ali Flower Shryock

I must have felt it in the early hours
A tiny quake when startled awake whispering his name to Heaven
Mumbled soft in slumber but the heavens knew
It was him coming Home

There must be a sound, a shake, a sensing
When the fragile soul of a three-year-old
Breaks through time and space
To see God’s face

It’s emptier here in our numbness and tears
We fall trying to make sense of it all
We pray and we grieve
And yet still we believe

In our struggle to cope we are not without hope
Another treasure’s been laid sweetly up
A beautiful boy with blue eyes bright
To light our way to Heaven


8 thoughts on “Him coming Home

  1. what a gorgeous boy……I guess Jesus loved him so much he wanted to cuddle him in His arms …..can’t imagine the grief of the family ….

  2. Just seeing his sweet face makes me want to kiss him. And I don’t even know him. But I have a 5 year old little boy and my heart breaks to think of losing him. I grieve for this family and I pray for their comfort that would only be possible through the God who loves their son, and them, more than we can imagine.
    Thank you for sharing this poem, and your heart.

  3. I did not expect this news. My heart goes out to his family & everyone touched by Joey’s life. I’ll keep them lifted in prayer as well.

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