I sit here wanting to stop time, hold on with it clasped against my chest so it doesn’t get away too quickly like it seems to do every year. I want these moments to last, but not as long as the ones to come this evening when our family gathers ’round for Christmas dinner and the passing of gifts hand to hand and wordless joy heart to heart.

Sorrow mingles in, as thoughts float by of beloved friends who were abandoned this year, left to fend for themselves and their babies alone because someone who promised didn’t stay. I want to wrap them all tight and remind them of how much God loves them, even when they feel forsaken. I can’t imagine Christmas without my beloved and our babies gathered in.

I squeeze these words between the mashing of a mound of potatoes and watching a Christmas movie with our daughter and her love, because space must be made for words in moments as treasured as these.

And right now I wish with all my heart for God’s love to be evident to all this Christmas Day. And for always.

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