My daughter, Elastigirl

Many of you have been following our family’s journey down a long and winding road over the past couple of years, a time of significant change and adjustment. There have been many blessings, and many trials, and we have dealt with questions upon questions–some of which God has answered and some of which remain…and may always remain…unanswered.

We’ve gone from 20 years of homeschooling to full-time private schooling for the kids and full-time teaching for me. As challenging as that has been, one of the hardest things has been the change in Rosie’s dance. I posted briefly a few days ago about finding out she wasn’t going to get to perform in the studio recital in May. But the bottom line is that we’ve gone from Rosie being in dance 5 or more days per week on a dance team with the same core group of girls as well as teaching little dancers at a studio where she has grown up (9 years), to her being in one ballet class at an unfamiliar school where she can’t perform even one dance for recital.

This evening when we got to her ballet class, she discovered there were no tights in her bag. She was annoyed but trying not to get upset when Troy (the studio owner) happened by and said he had extra ones, so she headed off to change. She came out to put on her ballet slippers, only to discover that only one of them was in her bag. Yeah. By that time, she was nearly in tears. We can’t find it anywhere. The only small consolation is that they were getting too small anyway and she really needed new ones. But it was just the proverbial straw tonight.

I managed to stay upbeat while she went off to dance in her tights-feet. I whispered a prayer as the studio door closed that God would continue to strengthen her and draw her close to His heart as she stays flexible and pliable in His hand.