Back to Words

I know eventually I have to stop running this all through my head and just write.

I have to stop thinking about why I’ve been blocked, how to get started again, whether it’s worth it or not, whether anyone will even care that I’ve come back to the land of the written word. Well, except for Jen. I know she cares because she took the time to tell me so.

So if nothing else, I am writing for Jen.

Life has been nuts here at Easterhouse for a few weeks now. That would probably be the biggest reason I haven’t been writing–not block at all, but busyness. Imagine life being nuts at Easterhouse. I realized the redundancy as soon as I typed it. Dance competitions, our daughter’s Sweet 16, sons turning 18 and 20, a high school graduation…basically the normal kind of crazy for this family.

Life has also been a bit different since Steve’s carpool ended and he started having to drive to Tampa to work every day. I appreciate his ride buddy for the past two years even more now. I’m also mad at him for abandoning us. Well, okay, not mad really. He gave us $100. in gas cards at the end of his driving just out of the kindness of his heart, so I can’t be too mad. But yeah, that extra $500.+ a month is hitting us pretty hard. Our move back to Tampa can’t come soon enough.

Back to life being different. With Steve taking the car every day I am stranded with no car all day. Not that I went very many places before, but I always knew the car was in the driveway if I needed it. And it isn’t like I have friends up here that I hang out and do things with. I’ve never felt quite so alone with regard to friendship. Well, there was one other time, but it was for a shorter period.

And it isn’t like I don’t have any friends; it’s more that I don’t have friends who like to hang out–at least with me. I’m hoping that will change when I get back to Tampa nearer where our kids live and closer to some of my long-time friends there. I’d really like to get involved in ministry again. A fish out of water: that’s been me.

There is no point to this, other than breaking the ice and returning to the word world.

I guess that’s all.