Don’t Say Forever

I admit with shame I let myself believe it
Breathed it deeply, let its comfort beckon me
Felt its sweetness, let it hold me for a moment
Now forever I will never truly see
Once I trusted, though reluctant in my fearing
Dared to let such weakness break the shield I wore
I’d have been much less transparent had I seen ahead
I can’t listen to forever any more
It was beautiful, a treasure made of diamond tears
And I held it all too closely to my chest
So I loosened trembling fingers, let it flutter free
And now never will forever let me rest
In its freedom it has chosen now another path
I’ve been forced to let the one I cherished go
Now in silence there is nothing of what once was ours
Only pain I cannot let forever show
I am left to shed the anger with an anguished cry
Letting go of any hope that’s left within
So if you would speak your love for me, I ask you this
Never whisper a forever word again