Twenty-three {NaPoWriMo 18}

heatherrose23Twenty-three birthdays and none with you here
I keep thinking maybe it’ll be easier next year
It really doesn’t get much better, this ache
There’s only so much a heart can take
So every year is hello, goodbye
Busy makes it easier not to cry
I’ll hold you again when all things are made new
Happy birthday, beautiful, from your mama to you


Almost {NaPoWriMo 17}

anxiousdriverI almost called you today
Sobbing down a narrow highway
My heart torn clean in two
Surprised that in that moment I wanted you
I almost slid
But caught myself before I did
Poured it out to God instead
From a part of me I think is dead
There is no friend I trust me to
Not even you

In Your Mind {NaPoWriMo 10}

Would you cheer up? You’re just depressed.
It’s been three days since you got dressed.
Just pray it through and you’ll be fine.
It won’t fix anything to whine.
No, really, I don’t mean to pry,
But you’d be well if you’d just try.
How could you ask for one thing more?
You’ve so much to be thankful for.
So chin up, girl! Snap out of it!
Your downcast gaze just doesn’t fit.
I hope you don’t think me unkind,
But this is all just in your mind.

And so we hide for our own good
To fight what is misunderstood.

Gift {NaPoWriMo 9}

MatLeaf1Boy of mine you’ll always be
Treasured by your dad and me
One thing will always be true
From moment one I have loved you
One smile from you, my spirits lift
Your very name means God’s Own Gift
Know that you have brought me joy
As you move on now, my sweet boy

How she loves {NaPoWriMo 3}

She never stops giving
Running, helping, pouring out
Sits in her car and the tears fall
Keeps adapting, keeps shouldering it all
Pushing her body over the precipice again
And down for the count till she’s mended
It’s how she loves

She prays in the window seat late at night
Red hair shining in the light of the moon
The day has bled her dry once more
She’s wearied to the core but not undone
She’ll run for one more hour
Her source of power beyond herself
Is how she loves

She begs escape but not from it all
Just moments she can call her own
Alone in the quiet where hurts get worded
And hearts are softly, sweetly reached
About her town and across her world
Her selfless heart unaware
Of how she loves

And I, from miles away kneel down
And lift her to Heaven with words of my own
Picture me reflected in moonlight by her side 
If only in a dream where help can be touched
And kindness is spoken by holding a hand
Somehow her heart knowing I understand
How she loves



{Happy birthday, beautiful.}

April’s NaPoWriMo – {One I might stand a chance with}

writerApril is National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo). The Novel Writing one kicked my butt and left me in the dust, but I might have a fighting chance with this one.

It could happen.

Anyway, here’s one for today.


April dawns, both cruel and kind
Brings both love and loss to mind
Twice come times to mark the day
Two sons gave their hearts away
One day holds the memory of
A flower we will always love
That mid-day will see tears and joy
When waves goodbye our baby boy
April goes and blows a kiss
Till it returns a year from this
Grateful, its return we’ll greet 
With mem’ries fond and bittersweet